Ajmal Makan 公司属于沙特几大家族AL HANO集团旗下,在阿联酋沙迦酋长国投资9亿美金从政府购买了海岛区域并进行了填海改造,进行高端度假区和别墅群的开发,第一期的太阳岛项目已经接近完工,整个海滨城市大约在6-8年内完成,客户主席对金锣水务进行了回国访问,对金锣水务技术方案和公司实力大大认可,因此客户提供了总面积为14万平方米的土地,与金锣水务共同建设总处理量为10m³/d的污水厂和5m³/dRO水厂,在其海滨城市建成前,主要接收第三方来水,其海滨城市建成后,将接收6万方/天的海滨城市管道污水以及4万方的第三方污水,其中第三方污水双方按照一定比例进行收入分成,产生的中水通过管道流回到海滨城市用于城市的绿化以及后期的土建建设。


Ajmal Makan is a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia ’s AL HANO Group. It invested US $ 900 million in Sharjah, UAE, and purchased the island area from the government and carried out reclamation, and developed high-end resorts and villas. The first phase of the Sun Island project is close to completion, and the entire coastal city shall be completed in about 6-8 years. The client’s group chairman visited Jinluo Water HQ in China which helped demonstrating Jinluo’s technical capabilities greatly, then recognized the patented solutions of Jinluo Water and the company's strength. After winning the trust of the chairman based on JINLUO’s capabilities, Ajmal Makan provided a total area of 140,000 square meters to build a new sewage treatment plant.The proposed plant capacity shall be 100,000 m3/day and will include RO Treatment Steps for further advanced treatment.The said STP shall serve 3rd Party Tanker Trucks (Sewage) before the construction of its coastal city, once the development is completed, the planned STP is set to receive 60,000 m3/day from coastal city throughout a pipeline sewerage network, the remaining 40,000 m3 of the total capacity shall be dedicated to the reception of third-party sewage wastewater. A generous profit-sharing scheme is proposed for the project with the client and the generated reclaimed water will be pumped back to the coastal city for use in the city Greening and later civil construction works.

The project is divided into four phases, currently the first phase of 30,000 m3/day Sewage Treatment Plant and 10,000 m3/day Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plant are already under construction. It is expected that the STP’s first phase can be commissioned and operated within 3 months. This sewage plant not only benefits both parties of the contract, but also will contribute in the reduction of the pressure on the governmental plant (Sharjah Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant), and will also aid in solving other issues such as traffic congestion of tanker trucks in the streets of the emirate.