ZERO 6 MALL是一家高端购物中心,位于沙迦大学城区域,此区域同时也是阿联酋皇室住宅集中区域,而且购物中心与沙迦老人院(属于沙迦政府直接管辖的重要场所)紧邻,所以此位置是沙迦非常重要的地段之一,对环境和污水处理的要求也是很高。购物中心每天大约8000名顾客,产生的污水主要来自于洗手间,饭店厨房等,污水浓度较传统生活污水复杂(COD>700mg/L,氨氮>50mg/L,且油脂含量高)。金锣水务根据客户要求,设计并安装一台JL-Z-150污水处理设备(150m³/d),设备出水稳定(COD<50mg/L,氨氮<2mg/L),污泥产量少,无任何噪音和臭味,设备为全不锈钢材质,大方美观。


ZERO 6 MALL is a high-end shopping mall, located in the university city area. The area is known to be a highly densely populated located with high concentration of UAE nationals, the shopping mall is also located nearby the Sharjah Nursing Home (Very important facility which is under the jurisdiction of the Sharjah government), due to all the previously mentioned reasons, this particular location is a highly sensitive area in Sharjah, and highest environmental standards must be followed protecting the surrounding environment especially when treating the sewage waste water of the community. The foot traffic of the shopping center reaches about 8,000 customers every day, and the sewage generated mainly comes from (toilets, restaurant kitchens,..etc.) The generated sewage pollutants concentrations are higher than average domestic wastewater (COD> 700mg / L, ammonia nitrogen> 50mg / L, and high fat content). Jinluo Water has designed and installed a JL-Z-150 sewage treatment equipment (150m³/d) according to the client’s requirements, with stable treated effluent water output (COD 50mg / L, ammonia nitrogen 2mg / L), low sludge output and minimal Noise and odor emissions to the ambient air. The equipment is made of high-grade stainless steel, enabling long-life durability and giving the plant an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The added value of the system is that all of the produced treated water is being fully utilized by the client to maintain the landscaping of the area saving resources and cost on desalinated water.